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Perk up your daily grind by starting it off with a freshly brewed cup of joe from The Refuge. Whether a jolt of energy from espresso is what you need before work, or you're looking for a place to relax and sip your latte in peace, The Refuge can be your sanctuary. Our coffee bar menu hosts a variety of classic brews, like our Refuge Roast, alongside more elaborate options, like a Dry Cappuccino or Mocha Con Panna.

Take Your Next Coffee Break at The Refuge

Go on a trip to the coffee capitals of the world with our flavored syrups available for your brew, or try something different with our French Press. Our baristas can serve up any of our signature drinks to be sipped here or on-the-go. Be sure to check back each season to try our seasonal specialties. Take your coffee up a notch by ordering your next cup at The Refuge.

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Contact our dedicated staff at The Refuge today to start planning your event's catering menu, or to book your next party within our restaurant.

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